Self Reflection 4: Cell phone usage

Growing up I was not exposed to much technology. However the tables have turned to a great extent, and children nowadays have so much more technology on their hands. As a child the most advanced form of technology I have used was the computer. One technology I’ve seen in almost all children with is the cell phone. The first time I used a cell phone was not till a few years ago and I feel astonished when I see kids using these devices effortlessly. However, teachers want to ban this technology from classrooms because they believe it is only used for entertainment purposes. On the contrary cell phones can be used as learning tools. The same functions can be used to learn. Bluetooth is often used for music sharing, but can also be used to share notes and other class information. Different programs can be used to enjoy lesson plans. A teacher can use a phone application and have all their students install it in their phone and take it from there. This way assignments can also be submitted through the app and students can converse with one another about an assignment they are having trouble with. This also gives the teacher the opportunity to go green; not involving any paper and making projects fun and exciting. Since phones have so many functions within them, children can even change the language on the app to make it more compatible for them.


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